Healing Course

Healing & Empowerment Program

  • feel more FREE, OPEN, SEXY, & EXPRESSIVE
  • deepen CONNECTION & LOVE
Are their areas in your life you would like to feel more free & empowered in your voice, open heartedness, emotionality, power, finances, sexuality, groundedness?
Do you feel emotionally free, able to allow, fully feel, & express or release your full range of emotions or are there some emotions you don’t like to feel, avoid, suppress or use substances to numb or distract?
Are there things in your past you can forgive in yourself or others?
Are there things about yourself, you try to hide that you can accept more deeply?
We all have some areas of life that seem to come really easy to us, we are strong in or even that we have mastered. And most of us also have an area or two that we are not even aware of, struggle with or that still seems to limit us from really thriving & awakening to our greater potential.
The evolutionary impulse of life beckons us to grow & heal, to be more free, live our life purpose, to feel more connected & love more deeply. We can align our lives, move towards our healing & growth or we can resist the process, distract ourselves & cling to the comforts of what we have known—no matter how functional or limiting our habits may be. As we seem to have some degree of choice, we can tend to experience much more struggle in our lives when we are avoiding, distracting, resisting & doing harm to others.
This program is a one-of-a-kind transformational experience in conjunction with personalized transformative coaching by Presence Academy master coaches specially designed using the latest & most effective healing & empowerment modalities to liberate limitations, ground you in your body & life, restore your essential peace & joy, open you natural; capacity to love & allow you live your fuller potential in your life.


“I feel so much more open, safe in the world, comfortable in my skin, and happy. I got my dream job, earn more money, stop commuting an hour and a half a day and work from home now. I am so much more present with my family, get to spend more quality time with my children and and have a much deeper connection is my husband.”
–Yelena Klinova
International Distribution Manager & Mother
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