Presence Academy is the future of experiential gamified learning to realize & embody your greater human potential in work, love & life.  Based upon 1000’s of hours of researching the best practices for human self-actualization, personal development, professional performance, relationship thriving, Presence Academy offers specially designed high-engagement courses, experiential skill-based learning processes delivered online in practical step-by-step gamified levels. Our faculty of master coaches & trainers support your optimal learning & engagement through personalized feedback, coaching & built-in accountability support systems.




presence, clarity, wisdom, discernment, discipline, purpose, compassion, joy, openness, life & consciousness hacker, embodied way-shower, transmitter & activator of healing, embodiment & awakening


Johnny Blackburn is a professional coach, speaker & facilitator who empowers clients, organizations & audiences to discover & then live from their deeper Presence. Residing in San Diego, CA, he is a highly respected authority on human embodiment & professional performance. Blackburn’s original background in Management Consulting, Master’s degree in Psychology & more than 1500 client-coaching hours as a Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation all combined with extensive professional development training make him a highly sought after guide to greater levels of presence, openness & thriving.