Development | Connection | Healing | Awakening

a profoundly transformative group immersion

FRI FEB 22nd 5pm to SUN FEB 24th 5pm
San Diego, CA

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av·a·tars / av′ə-tärs/
noun plural
humans devoted to the healing, development and awakening of greater human potential

The Avatars Difference

WHAT: 4 day group immersion that is profoundly transformative & highly experiential
experiential - not just more information
embodied - not just conceptual
connected - not just in isolation
practical - not just rah rah
transformative - not just willpower
authentic relating - not just projecting your shadows onto others about how they show up

APPROACH: we offer an integral approach inspired by the perennial philosophy of our great spiritual wisdom traditions combined with the latest scientific research in adult human development, body-based healing, connection & meditation that addresses 4 levels of your evolution: healing, embodied development, connection & awakening

Event Components

specially curated for enhanced engagement,
heightened awareness & accelerated development

  • Experiential Simulation Labs
  • Deep Connection Circles
  • Meditation Training
  • Healing Modalities (3)
  • Personality Systems
  • Embodied Movement Practices
  • Your Development Mapping
  • Advanced Human Perception Training
Who would be in the Avatars Training
  • Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs & Organizational Leaders
  • Speakers, Podcasters, Writers, Inspirers & Influences
  • Consultants, Teachers, Coaches, Therapists & Healers
  • Scientists, Tech Innovators, Systems Thinkers
  • Spiritual & Personal Development Veterans
  • Conscious Couples & Loving Parents
  • Artists, Musicians & Creatives
  • Evolutionary Humans

Meet Your Trainer

Johnny Blackburn

Coach | Author | Facilitator

Johnny Blackburn specializes in helping people awaken greater potential. His original background in Management Consulting, Master’s degree in Psychology, 3000+ client-coaching hours, hundreds of hours facilitating groups and live events all combine to provide an integral approach to embodied transformational experiences. He provides a safe and playfully challenging experiential container with heightened presence, creative experiential exercises and openness enabling you to experience greater possibilities and integrate skills for practical work, love and life applications.


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schedule a complimentary call
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