Awakening Course

Awakening Program

  • feel more FREE, OPEN, SEXY, & EXPRESSIVE
  • deepen CONNECTION & LOVE

Are we waiting to win the spiritual lottery or are we aligning with the evolutionary Awakening impulse Opening again & again until resting as Openness itself? When we taste a glimpse beyond our ordinary waking state, beyond the habitual, distracted, or emotionally numbing tendencies of our contracted sense of self; we long to live wide Open as our unified essence. Awakening is a process, is not a state. Yet, there are so many state altering opportunities are available; so many doorways for Opening to the ever-present, yet it is so easy to get stuck at the doorsteps or distracted on detours of state-chasing. We can ask ourselves, are our temporary tastes of state experiences generating cool past stories we repeated tell & have us ever-chasing new novel experiences or relying on substances or are we stabilizing a new baseline, creating sustainable integrated development that is both transcendent & imminently grounded while authentically enhancing our capacity to love & devotion to be of service with liberated engagement in the world.

As we go deeper and more expansive in spiritual practice, having skilled guidance, the perennial map of the great spiritual wisdom traditions & practicing alongside other Awakeners, can save us years, many years, dramatically reducing struggle & shortening the learning curve. Having a map & guidance can prevent so much confusion, out-of-body dissociation, ungrounded spiritual bypassing, ever-chasing altered states (through books, rah rah retreats, medicine ceremonies, etc.) or getting distracted by the pretty lights of novelty while forgetting in contracted obscuration of the ever-present Awareness living us all. There is a map of this process that can help us create clarity & direction for our spiritual practice & lives, the grooves of which have been worn for thousands of years by sages & mystics in wisdom traditions & cultures all over the world. This course is designed to help support the awakening process including stabilizing some our advanced human capacities. We can train our embodied nervous system, energetics and awareness to inhabit these extraordinary potentials as our new baseline experience of life. Words & concepts are held more loosely beyond this threshold. Pointing out instructions to what has always been here…transcending & including…aligning with Grace. Fascinating advanced practices, video exercises & games for direct access & stabilizing greater vantage. We do not claim to be experts, nor any other identity, yet from years of deep practice, we might offer clarity forward in the awakening process. This course is for greater direct experiencing & embodied transmission. Invite only. Schedule a complimentary consultation.

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