Frequently Asked Questions

What is Presence Academy?

Presence Academy is an online training program for men & women learning to thrive in work, love and life. It is an experiential & gamified approach to learning presence & connection that is fun & engaging, while keeping you motivated & accountable.

Can I access this course on my mobile devices?

Yes! Presence Academy is designed & optimized to be responsive so you can access it on any mobile device.


What does “gamified” mean?

In simple terms it means turning something into a game to make it more enjoyable, motivating, & challenging to enhance engagement & learning. Many people purchase books, products & course without completing or sadly even opening them, let allow actually applying the learning into their lives. Presence Academy was uniquely designed to make learning essential human work, love & life skills for thriving, fun, engaging, experiential & applicable to your life.


How do I complete or pass levels?

Each level has a different requirement to test your applied learning of a unique presence & connection skill. Some levels involve assessment, information for cognitive learning, developmental practices & life integration practices for experiential embodied learning, interactive video challenges & one-on-one coaching for optimal learning.

Can I skip ahead to advanced levels?

No. Presence Academy is designed sequentially with the foundational skills & capacities being learned first. For example, being grounded relaxed in body & able to listen are fundamentals that enhance all other more advanced presence & connection skills. Build a solid foundation & it allows learning all the advanced stuff much easier & faster…wax on, wax off…trust us.


How does feedback happen from the Presence Academy guides?

Certain levels ask you to answer questions, take assessments or upload videos of you performing certain activities & our Presence Academy guides will offer you feedback comments to enhance your learning experience.


What if I want more personalized support &accelerated learning, can I do coaching with a Presence Academy guide?

You will meet with a coach during the first month as part of the basic membership plan. You can upgrade to the elite package which includes high-level coaching support at that point or at anytime during your course progression, you can contact our team to request more information about advanced level coaching.


Can kids do Presence Academy?

We hope in the future to create a Presence Academy youth games but for now It is designed for adults 18 & over.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards & PayPal.

How do I switch from a free to paid user?

You will automatically be switched from a free to a paid user after 14 days & billed monthly for the next 12 months unless you can within the first 14 days.


Can I get a refund or cancel? 

Yes are available at any point in the first 14 days after your initial registration. To make the program affordable charges are distributed evenly each month but once you pass the 14 day mark we want to encourage you to stay committed to your evolution & awakening so refunds are NOT possible after the first 14 days.

How to I cancel my trial in the first 30 days?

Go to our  Trial Cancellation Request form  & fill out the provided fields. Cancellations are subject to our refund eligibility above.

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