Purpose Course

Discovering & Living Your Unique Life Purpose

Want to know, discover, & live your life purpose?

Do you have the courage to accept your own great hero’s journey to find & become the living embodiment of your unique purpose?

On your deathbed, will you be able to look back & say you lived fully & contributed your unique gifts?

A life purpose isn’t for a chosen few. Every human being on the planet has a unique life purpose.

This powerful course will help you find greater clarity, insight, direction, alignment and your next action steps.

Purpose Course

  • clarify your current DIRECTION in career & life
  • Discover your PURPOSE & how to LIVE ON PURPOSE
  • hone your INTUTION & inner compass to find direction again in future transitions
  • ALIGN your decisions, career & lifestyle with your deeper purpose


“The Purpose Course is amazing! Through it, I discovered what my core strengths are. As a person in their twenties, I often worried about whether or not I’m on the right track… After taking this course I feel much more confident and relaxed about my next steps!”
– Sam T. Researcher

Designed for People Like You

  • who are in transition
  • going through a mid-life crisis
  • feeling stuck, lost, confused or wandering
  • wanting to discover & live their unique life purpose
  • wanting to contribute something positive & leave a legacy
  • college students seeking a major & career with purpose
  • corporate employees wanting a career change
  • entrepreneurs seeking their next project
  • mothers returning to work after childbirth or their kids have started going to school or left for college
  • personal development experts or spiritual seekers wanting to turn their passion into a career

In Transition

Are you in a transition period & don’t know what to do next?
Had you had multiple careers & don’t know how to put it all together?
Do you feel lost & confused or are having difficulty finding direction in
your career and/or in your life?

Unsatisfied at Work

Do you dislike your job, dread going to work or want a change?
Do you feel uninspired or like you are just going through the motions?
Do you feel stuck in a meaningless job but don’t know what else to do?

Sensing Something More

Do you hear a deeper calling?
Do you have the sense there Is something more for you in your career and/or life?
Have you had an inner impulse to do something else but haven’t known what it
was or have been avoiding it?

“Successful” but Unfulfilled

Do you make good money, but still don’t feel fulfilled?
Do you yearn for a deeper sense of meaning, purpose & fulfillment?
Do you feel inspired to leave a legacy & contribute something positive to the world?

Wanting to turn your Passion into a Career

Are you not sure how to get paid doing what you love?
Do you love personal development and/or spirituality & want to turn it into a career?
Do you wish you could earn your income with meaningful work that helps others &
utilizes your talents & gifts?

Features: What You’ll Get

Clarity Coaching

Receive a 30min Clarifying Direction Coaching Session with one of Presence Academy’s professionally certified master coaches. We guarantee you will have a clearer sense of your direction for the next year of your life by the end of the call  or your money back.

Immediate Online Access

Get instant access & start taking the course immediately on your computer or mobile device as soon as you add to cart & purchase. No downloading or waiting to receive the package in the mail.


Instructional Videos to inspire, educate & orient you through the learning activities, principles & exercises for each module. Get the advanced learning & practical actions you need to know to design & align your life with purpose.


Inspiring, clarifying & educational audio tracks to clarify purpose principles & help you apply them to your life, plus inspirational exercises & guided meditations to help you access your higher clarity beyond your ordinary thinking mind.


21-page Workbook: a practical, step-by-step guide full of essential learning & actionable exercises to clarify your direction, purpose, missions, skills & goals so that your lifestyle & career aligns with the trajectory of your life purpose.


Take quizzes to challenge your understanding, motivate you to engage in the course & apply new purpose & direction principles in your life.

Skills Finder

It is important for you to know what you are good at & where you shine. This course offers 4 different methods to help you clearly identify skills & strengths: an important component of determining your direction & purpose.

Benefits: What You’ll Take Away

  • a clear set of action steps & direction for your life
  • saving yourself years of anxiety, confusion & doubt
  • clarity about common purpose myths & essential principles
  • inspiration to change & live your best life
  • relief, optimism & vision for your future
  • awareness of your best skills & strengths
  • a roadmap for how to live on purpose
  • greater clarity of your authentic life purpose

Others’ Experiences with Presence Academy

Money Back Guarantee

If after completing this course, you do not think it was worth
your time, energy & money, & you are not more clear of your
direction in life, just send us an email within 30 days of purchase,
including attachments of your completed assignments from the
last module PURPOSE: Applying it in your Life and our team
will refund your entire payment.

Purpose Course

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