Potency Course


  1. energy: force, capacity, strength, potential
  2. potential: capacity to be, become, or develop
  3. effectiveness: strength of impact or effect

Potency Course

  • DEVELOPMENT: best practices for accelerating development & self-actualization
  • SUPERPOWERS: deepening existing competencies & activating higher human capacities & Awareness
  • ENERGETIC VITALITY: cultivating, effectively utilizing & regenerating energy
  • PRODUCTIVITY: enhanced engagement, focus & flow states
  • OPEN-HEARTEDNESS: living with greater joy, passion & love
  • ALIGNMENT: eliminating distractions, scattering & low leverage actions while aligning your choices & life with higher clarity, wisdom, discernment & direction



what you'll learn & take-away

the best practices to self-actualize your greater human potential
design a customized lifestyle for work-life balance, relaxation, vitality & thriving
to utilize the best practices for productivity at work for flow states, effectiveness & vitality
to be more fully engaged at work during the day & still be vital & loving coming home at night
to cultivate, maintain & regenerate greater energetic vitality
to develop greater subtle energetic aliveness
to be grounded & expanded as spacious awareness
to feel more inspired & connected to something greater than yourself
to be more open-hearted, joyful, loving & passionate
to be an instrument of service offering your life in devotion to something greater than self
to contribute something positive & leave a legacy


“Such incredible content! Put a lot of things in my life and career into perspective. Thank you so much.”
– Jonathan D.
Professional Soccer Player
Accelerate your Development
Cultivate & Sustain Vital Energy

Be more Engaged & Productive

Lit up with Joy, Passion & Aliveness

Sourced by Devotion & Aligned with Purpose

Awakening & living your Greater Human Potential


14 Day Money Back

The Potency Course

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