Potency Course


  1. energy: force, capacity, strength, potential
  2. potential: capacity to be, become, or develop
  3. effectiveness: strength of impact or effect

Potency Course

  • DEVELOPMENT: best practices for accelerating development & self-actualization
  • SUPERPOWERS: deepening existing competencies & activating higher human capacities & Awareness
  • ENERGETIC VITALITY: cultivating, effectively utilizing & regenerating energy
  • PRODUCTIVITY: enhanced engagement, focus & flow states
  • OPEN-HEARTEDNESS: living with greater joy, passion & love
  • ALIGNMENT: eliminating distractions, scattering & low leverage actions while aligning your choices & life with higher clarity, wisdom, discernment & direction



what you'll learn & take-away

the best practices to self-actualize your greater human potential
design a customized lifestyle for work-life balance, relaxation, vitality & thriving
to utilize the best practices for productivity at work for flow states, effectiveness & vitality
to be more fully engaged at work during the day & still be vital & loving coming home at night
to cultivate, maintain & regenerate greater energetic vitality
to develop greater subtle energetic aliveness
to be grounded & expanded as spacious awareness
to feel more inspired & connected to something greater than yourself
to be more open-hearted, joyful, loving & passionate
to be an instrument of service offering your life in devotion to something greater than self
to contribute something positive & leave a legacy


“I’m sure there are many others out there like me who do really well and have a great career, yet who are looking for something more, but aren’t quite sure how to proceed. The granular explanation for various phases and steps helped me place myself along the spectrum of my career and purpose journey. This new clarity replaced feeling lost for the past couple years somewhere in this confusing transition between my current career and a new venture which I deeply sense to be on the horizon. It gave me some peace, relief and clear direction of exactly what to do next to get there.”
— Erik L.
Director, Financial Services
Accelerate your Development
Cultivate & Sustain Vital Energy

Be more Engaged & Productive

Lit up with Joy, Passion & Aliveness

Sourced by Devotion & Aligned with Purpose

Awakening & living your Greater Human Potential


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The Potency Course

$247       $500 Value