PRODUCTIVITY: 5 ways losing presence hurts your productivity

PRODUCTIVITY: 5 ways losing presence hurts your productivity


Brain research shows it’s actually not possible to multitask instead people “task switch” which actually takes longer to recover and actually decreases productivity & overall enjoyment of work (task-switching is the opposite of the full engagement of flow states).


The focused attention of presence is the antidote to multi-tasking.




Email has been rated the #1 stressor in organizations. In one research study the average worker checked their email 36 times an hour & 288 times a day (source Radicati Group), which sounds astounding but even worse is the waste of time it took their brains to refocus on the previous task, never allowing them to get into the more productive flow states.


Turn-off email auto-notifications & close out social media while you work & focus on your own agenda & task completion.




Taking on more than what we can handle can cause stress, overwhelm, frustration, and resentment at others. If notice yourself immediately saying yes to someone, because you are afraid to say “NO” or are worried about disappointing someone without proper consideration of (existing commitments, capacity & boundaries). Learn the difference, between a solid YES commitment and a noble NO. You will be much more effective at work & trustable as a person.


Before you commit to anything else, can you scan & feel your existing commitments, priorities time availability?



In the midst of meetings, emails & task-completion it is sometimes easy to lose connection to the larger unique purpose of our own life and or the mission of our company. If our only intentions are a pay-check & increasing social status, we will feel an inevitable sense of gnawing emptiness.


Living on fire with a sense of purpose, knowing our direction in the next 6-12 months (and even longer), lit up with inspiration clear that this is what I need to learn, contribute or want to create is a feeling we all yearn to be animated by. However, not everyone has the courage to accept the quest of discovery on their own hero’s journey and live to the depth of presence at which this is found and embodied.




If you’re doing it all for yourself, you’re only present to a minuscule fraction of the world and you’ll never feel satisfied. We are social organisms wired a contribution to something larger than ourselves.


What are you here to do & contribute to the world? And are you inspired by love, beauty, greatness & making our fellow humans, organizations, & world a better place? 


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